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Mother son incest punishment

October 23rd, 2010

Being caught by his foxy mom while looking through incest fucking magazine with loads of taboo comics, the sonny is getting a good portion of slapping on his ass from his mummy for doing with porn magazine but while beating a teenage son on the nude ass, she acquires a taste for this procedure and there arrives a mother son incest idea on her mind! Why not to let the son fucking his mother? And is t really so bad that the son takes interest in comic incest journals when his mummie craves for mom son incest above everything in her life at the given moment?!

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Of course, she will do a first-class blowjob for his phallus and he will be fucking her till both fall dead asleep together in bed, but you will see it in the next series of mother son incest pics of this insatiable couple.

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Mother seduces son

  1. Stacy
    June 13th, 2016 at 16:45 | #1

    My husband always made my stepson drop his pants to get his butt whipped and when the poor thing hit 13, the hair started growing around his penis and by 14, having to drop his pants for a spanking was worse than the spanking itself because we wouldn’t let him cover it while he got a lickin’.

    One day, he told me he was too old to have to drop his pants and I explained to him that as long as he was under 18, he was considered a child in our State…and that he thought he was “too old” because at 14 he had the private parts of an adult and that they had to show when he was getting spanked was just more punishment because it hurt less with even his underwear on.

    The week of a concert he already had tickets for, his father told him he was grounded and to go to his room for a whipping.

    I offered the brat a deal…after I whipped his ass, if he still wanted to go to the show, he’d let me pull on his privates until he ejaculated, which god-knows, he probably did 3x a day. He half-cried and half-moaned from involuntary pleasure through the whole thing and the tears streaming down his face when he ejaculated was priceless.

    I hope the concert was worth the humiliation. His father still thinks I let him go to the show because he humbled himself and apologized.

    Nope. I humbled him. And he KNOWS he LOVED it.

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